In Person Workshops

Modern education for modern floral designers.


No more second-guessing or wondering what formulas to follow. We'll do the math together.


Learn how to separate yourself from the competition and play a smarter marketing game.


Build your flower family and connect with like-minded floral designers.

This is a photo of Little Bird Bloom


Learn how to take better photos of your work and build a better portfolio to attract better clients.


Get our step by step guide to quoting your work and navigating new enquiries effortlessly.

Foam Free Design

Learn the basics of foam free mechanics – ask questions and learn the best tips + tricks.

We do things

We're on a mission to transform the way florists run their businesses.

If you're a new designer, joining in on one of our live in-person workshops gives you a solid foundation to build your business.

If you're an experienced designer, our workshops are the perfect opportunity to hit reset and realign your goals.

Our 2023 workshop schedule will be announced shortly.

Upcoming Workshops



Brisbane – August 2022

Come join Kathleen in this three day LIVE training experience. Conquer your pricing. Get your quoting process sorted and learn the ins and outs of foam free installations.