The Ultimate Digital Marketing Training for Your Flower Business!

Are you a floral designer struggling to navigate the world of online marketing? Come join me for this FREE LIVE TRAINING and learn the secrets to mastering the online space as a florist.

At this live workshop, you'll learn:

  1. The exact recipe to follow to get your digital marketing game sorted so you can grow your business and increase your revenue – without worrying about being a tech genius. 
  2. My favourite online marketing shortcut to help you get more customers and make more money (No awkward dancing, I promise!)
  3. How to use social media to its fullest potential as a florist (and what you don’t need to waste your time on!)

What I teach is so simple that it works even if you don't think you're good with technology or too old to conquer social media!

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Tues 9 Aug, 5pm PST / 8pm EST / Wed 10 Aug, 10am AEST