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Hi, I’m Kathleen, co-founder + CEO of Little Bird Bloom. I teach entrepreneurs and creatives how to run businesses using a simple formula: Marketing + Mindset = Money.

The formula is simple but it’s the result of a lot of experience, including 10 years in fancy-pants corporate marketing gigs, selling everything from pizza to pay TV, and then the last 10 running my own flower biz.

And I'm excited to lead the charge to level up the business expertise of our industry.

Because here’s the thing: when I finished floral design school and struck out on my own, it took me a long time to figure out how to make money. I made a lot of mistakes. I struggled to find people who could help. I quickly hit the burnout wall (yup, you know the one!)

It wasn’t until I realised that my florist qualifications weren’t enough on their own. But, when I put them together with my marketing and business smarts…bam! I found my secret weapon.

In 2018 I started sharing my story — talking about how much money my business was making and what I did to make that happen. And I launched my first online business course for florists.

Since then, I’ve worked with thousands of florists from around the world, teaching them the florists’ secret weapon: modern marketing skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. All inside Flower Boss Academy.

The truth is, I know you can make a lot of money running a flower business (I have!). And I know you can too with the right training and support. I can't wait to show you how to make it happen.


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