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Bouquet Pricing – Cheatsheet For Florists

FREEBIE – downloadable PDF. You can get direct access to it HERE.

I’ll show you, step by step, how we price our bridal bouquets and give you the line item worksheet so you can create your own equation for yours.

Definitely work downloading the worksheet first but if you think you can handle math in your head, feel free to simply follow along with a pen and piece of paper (and maybe a glass of wine or five).

Would love to hear from you guys if you do the math for yourself – or if you have any questions send through through here.

Post a photo to instagram and tag @littlebirdbloom I would love to see where you’re tuning in from 🙂



PS – Don’t forget to download your PDF of the Bridal Bouquet Pricing Cheat Sheet HERE

podcast for floral designers

Meet Kathleen. Hear about her adventures in flower land.

Have you ever taken time to write down your life story? If you haven’t yet, I strongly urge you to do so – you don’t have to share it with a single person but the act of capturing all you’ve accomplished in this life time, to today is mind blowing. Truly, it will open your eyes to so much and allow you step outside, beyond this moment, beyond what is immediately in front of you.

In my very first episode of Thrive, I trace back to my early days, talk about my childhood a little bit but spend most of the time meandering through my career through my 20s and explain how we ended up here: two Canadians living in Australia, running a retail flower business as well as a separate wedding and events floral design studio (in a small small town – like 7000 people small).

Thank you to all of you who have pushed me into this. I am so proud of myself for just hitting record, sitting down and making it happen even when I wanted to find 10,000 excuses and 21,000 distractions.

Who knows where this journey of podcasting will take me but I’m pretty excited to try, to see where we all land.

Lots of love,



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