Marketing Tips for Florists

Marketing Tips for Florists: How to Get Found Online

So you've spent all your time and energy getting your website sorted. But now you're left scratching your head, wondering why the orders and enquiries aren't piling in? Now you're wondering, WTF do I need to do to get found online?

I've gotcha covered. Check out these three super helpful marketing tips for florists.

Marketing is a 'Thing'

Before I started my flower business, I spent 15 years working in fancy corporate marketing jobs. In fact, I've been studying marketing for over +20 years. I did my undergraduate degree in marketing and even have my masters. #overachiever

To say I LOVE marketing is an understatement. I'm totally, utterly obsessed with deconstructing and dissecting how the big multinationals market their business, how they attract the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Even more than that, I love taking those same business and marketing principles and teaching florists the right and wrong way to market their business and make money.

When it comes to marketing tips for florists, one of the most important lessons I learned was that we gots to approach our marketing from a totally different perspective.

Where other businesses need to grow their following, increase engagement and prioritise exposure, we floral designers get to approach marketing from a totally sideways perspective.


Because our customers shop differently. Our customers behave differently.

Let's pause for a moment...If you think about your dream client, the person who is going to place the next online order or send through the next event enquiry. Close your eyes and imagine you are that person. Put yourself in their shoes.

Quite literally. Close your eyes and think about how they would approach it. When they're looking for a floral designer, what do they do? Get super-specific.

When they jump online, where is the first place they go? If they're on Google, what do they type into the search bar?

If they're on Instagram, what do they type into that search bar? If they're somewhere else, what do they do? Envision the process in all its itty bitty fantastic detail.

The most important part of this planning process is to get super duper specific:

  1. Get specific in the platforms that your ideal clients use
  2. Get specific in the words/phrases/hashtags your clients use

Putting yourself in your client's shoes, envisioning the experience from their perspective is the single most powerful thing you can do. Seriously.

Stop Following the Crowd

Our industry teaches you that you need to do a heap of styled shoots, get exposure and worry about being featured on some famous blog. Then, and only then, will you be able to attract the kinds of clients you're dreaming of, yeah?

Wrong. I'm happy to tell you, there is an easier way. But it requires you to stop following the flower crowd.

Winning at floristry, building a thriving flower business requires you to learn a new approach to marketing.

Of course, you could go to business school, get all the degrees and geek out on all things marketing. Or you could shortcut your success and spend your energy focused on three super simple marketing tips for florists:

  1. Be in the right place
  2. At the right time
  3. With the right message

The Golden Rule of Marketing

If I had to distil down the single most important lesson from all my years as a fancypants marketing exec and spending thousands of dollars on all the degrees and qualifications, it would be this:

Get out of your own head and put yourself in your customer's shoes.

When it comes to getting found online, this really is the secret to success. It's not rocket science. It's not about being the best designer and it's definitely not about being famous or popular.

It's about being your most empathetic, helpful self. Using your imagination and really getting in touch with what matters most to your customers.

If you find yourself constantly second-guessing, over-thinking and over-complicating things (like we all have a tendency to do, being smart AF humans), hit pause for a hot second.

Go out into the real world and find 1-2 real-life humans who embody your dream client (or at least a kinda close proximity to a version of your dream customer).

Have a conversation with them. Buy them a coffee. Or a cocktail. And ask them to explain to you their research process – where would they go if they needed a florist? Get super specific and write it all down. Verbatim. Better yet, ask them if you can record the conversation and then get it transcribed.

Flashback to my corporate days, working with the likes of Dominos Pizza, Expedia and HSBC, we used to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on focus groups. You can do the same thing. Just on the super cheap.

It's time to take a page out of the successful big business multinationals. Learn from their process and do the same thing in your flower business. It's time to stop overcomplicating things, overthinking things and get back to basics.

You will be so surprised at how simple this can be. And even after just one conversation, you'll start to see how differently you can think about this whole marketing thing – you will start to be able to answer that burning question: How do I get found online?

Marketing Tips for Florists

At the end of the day, the right marketing mix is going to depend entirely on what services you're offering in your flower business.

Customers looking for a flower delivery behave differently to those looking for a wedding stylist. Someone looking for table arrangements for a christening behaves differently than someone looking for a casket cover.

Putting yourself in your customer's shoes truly is the secret to figuring out the right approach.

If you need it, here's a quick list of marketing priorities for floral design businesses:

Daily Flower Deliveries

Wedding Flowers (without a Planner)

  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Search engine Optimisation

Floral Subscriptions

  • Local media + influencer partnerships
  • Instagram / Facebook paid ads
  • Word of mouth

Remember, every flower business has its own subtleties, its own nuances to consider. But use this list as the foundation for your marketing plan. Build on it and call out your own BS when you start to overcomplicate things (yes, we all do it).

Start tracking your data and test out new ideas. And if you ever feel like you're off track, make a plan to sit down with another real-life human being. Ask them to explain their process again and then recalibrate your approach.

No matter what, just keep going.

You got this, peoples. Let's go!

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Branding for Floral Design Businesses

A Look at Branding for Floral Design Businesses

Back in my fancy corporate career, I spent a lot of hours sorting through other business’ brands. Yes, we talked a lot about logos but one of the key lessons we shared was that your any business’ brand is about much more than your logo. This is especially applicable in the floral industry where it's all about visuals. So today I'll be sharing my top tips regarding logo and branding for a floral design business.

Of course, we all want our logos to look good. We want it to be a reflection of our business. And yeah, as a brand guru and small business owner, I want you to feel proud to parade your logo around town.

But, when it comes to building a bigger flower business, your logo really isn’t all that important. It’s not going to make or break your flower business.

I know, I know, I know. You're probably tilting your head and questioning my sanity. I get it. But just hear me out, peoples!

A Look at Branding for Floral Design Businesses

There is so much that goes into what we offer our customers. Let’s take a super simple thing, like a $100 bouquet.

We need to make dozens of strategic, aligned decisions to make that one bouquet happen – that starts well before we even order the ingredients.

We also have to set up a website that provides a simple user experience for our customers. Then we implement a vibe and aesthetic on that website that reflects the tone of our business.

And not to forget, we need to think through that online ordering process, thank you page and confirmation emails.  

Even if someone orders our make-believe $100 bouquet over the phone, the tone of our customer service matters. the questions we ask, the signoff we, it’s all part of the experience we offer our customers. 

Of course, when we make the bouquet, we’re putting our skills to work to make sure we balance our design aesthetic and our customer’s expectations.

Then, when it comes to wrapping the bouquet, we’ve already put a lot of thought into the type and colour of wrapping, the ribbon or twine we use. And yes, of course, there are our labels or stickers.

What’s so valuable to see through this process is, when we take a look at branding for floral design businesses, that every single one of these decisions has just as much (possibly more) impact as our logo does.

In essence, our business’ brand is built one decision at a time and every one of those decisions needs to be just as intended and just as impactful as the decision of ‘which logo should I have.

So many floral designers put so much time, energy and money into crafting the perfect logo and completely overlook the things that really matter when it comes to providing a better customer experience and building a brand.

In our shop, I quickly realised the script and demeanour we use on the phone is way more impactful than our logo. 

I also saw that our website and user experience, the vibe of our Instagram feed, helpfulness of our captions, heck even the templates we use for email responses are so much more important than the logo.

Five Branding Tips for Floral Design Businesses

Yes, having a logo for your business is important. Yes, I want you, the CEO and Creative Director of your flower business to like your logo, but don’t stop there.

To help you stay focused on what matters most and build a better brand for your flower business, here are five branding tips to get you going:

Tip # 1: Define Your Vibe

I know this is going to sound overly simplistic, but before you even think about redesigning your logo or ordering more paper or even upgrading your aprons, I want you to sit down and very intentionally set the tone of your brand.

Like everything I teach, I like to keep this super simple. All you need to do is pick 2-3 adjectives you feel represent the mood you want to put out into the world. It might be “feminine, simple, and down to earth” or “modern, moody and textured.”

Have a sit-down. Brainstorm some words and play around. Pull out that old Thesaurus (or better yet, jump over to for inspiration).

Tip # 2: Bring it to Life

We’re visual creatures. Because of that, I am a huge advocate for taking your vibe words, jumping over to Pinterest and creating a new board that is specific to your business’ brand and vibe words life. Use the search bar and start to explore, using your adjectives as inspiration.

Now, here’s my challenge to you: when you create your new board, avoid having more than 1 or 2 flower photos on the board. I want you to think bigger and set your sights higher. 

Instead, I want to encourage you to explore unexpected themes like travel, food, clothing, textiles, interior design, art and furniture design. You’re a creative. Be creative.

Tip # 3: Begin to Bring it to Life

At the end of the day, your brand is brought to life one decision at a time. You slowly get to use your new brand board to ensure all those decisions are pointing in the same direction.

With your new brand board in hand, you can now get to work on binding this vibe to life. Take it one design at a time – start to work through the next iteration of your logo. And then, revisit those aprons you were going to buy and have a look at your website.

I love looking at my brand board every time I’m sorting out my next round of posts on Instagram. I look at it the next time I’m ordering paper. And even when I’m updating our templates and scripts. 

This is why I love this approach to branding. Because it forces us to stay focused and provides a simple, but powerful process for us to manage our business’ brand. The process is so powerful because it reminds us it’s all about the implementation. 

Tip # 4: Keep Checking in

It’s so easy for us to just rush through making all the decisions, isn’t it? Yes, we have a lot on the go, a lot of balls up in the air and we want to check things off our to-do list as quickly as possible. 

But before you speed through your next set of to-dos, before you hit “buy” or are making new updates to your marketing materials, go back and have a quick look at the Pinterest board you created. 

Is that purple paper really in line with the vibe you’ve identified? Are those aprons right, based on your mood board?

It’s such a quick check-in and so helpful to do. It only takes a few seconds for us to double-check that the paper stock we’re ordering our business cards on is in alignment with our branding. And to see whether those stickers we’re about to purchase are right or not.

This my friends is how you build a cohesive brand. One decision at a time, each in alignment to a bigger, bolder vision. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

TIP # 5: It's Always a Work in Progress

Like everything else in our business, your brand is always a work in progress. At no point in time have I ever felt I had everything sorted and that my brand was 100% done. And no, I don’t ever expect that day to come either.

Everything is a work in progress. Always. There is no “there” there and no endpoint. Take the pressure off yourself for perfection and know that you can come back and change anything you want. And at any time you want. 

Because our visions for our businesses, our services and our offering evolves as our own priorities and tastes evolve.  This is the beauty of being in charge, being the one who takes the risk and takes the leap to start a business.

Dive Deeper Into Branding for Your Flower Business

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m diving deeper into branding and passing along more helpful tips and tricks. (Use the Spotify player below to get in on this goodness.)

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