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Wedding Florist

Your special day deserves special attention.

Your special day deserves special attention.

Our wedding florist team will work closely with you to create a suite of flowers that suits your unique tastes. The Little Bird personalised consultation and planning process ensures that we truly understand your vision and create beautiful arrangements that complement.

Depending on your requirements, we have two options to choose from.



Bowral florist
Save 15% off our standard wedding flower rates.

We understand better than anyone how stressful planning your wedding can be. With so many choices to consider, we are here to help simplify the decision-making process – and help you save a little money too!

Our Wedding Essentials package is perfect for couples who love our signature fresh from the garden style, but don’t require large arrangements or on-site set-up. This option is ideal for clients who only need personal flowers, centrepieces and a few focal arrangements. Simply choose the size and quantity of each and describe your colour palette. Leave the rest to us!

Wedding Essentials is not well suited for couples who want very specific flower types, require an in-person consultation or have more complex event design needs. Instead, try our Full Service Design Experience.

You deserve the best on your wedding day.

A highly experienced team of wedding flower designers and production specialists is at your service. Through personalised consultations and a thorough planning process, they will create your perfect flowers and ensure they are flawlessly installed.

As the premier wedding florist in this region, we have an intimate knowledge of the wedding venues and local growers. This insider edge helps us craft bespoke florals that complement each space’s uniqueness and natural beauty.

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