Seasonal Availability

Four years ago I really wish someone had a go-to planner for what flowers are in season when. Over the past few years, I have slowly captured a summary of some of my favourite blooms during each season and now we've taken that one step further.

We've created a simple seasonal planner outlining what feature flowers are available through the year.

You can download your copy here. 

Of course, this tool comes with two giant caveats:

(1) We are dealing with Mother Nature. We are all very aware of the impacts on weather changes and the roll-on effects that has on access to flowers. Be mindful we've done our best to try to capture an authentic view on when each flower is in season but of course this can be out by a few weeks in any given year.

(2) Import/Export policies are constantly evolving and boutique, domestic farmers are seeing the benefits of switching over to growing cut flowers. This means the availability in your state could be different to what we've outlined here. When planning for a wedding you can always look at the month leading up to and the month following the client's wedding date to ensure nothing has been overlooked in your planning.

Two other pieces to note. (1) Growers and wholesalers might refer to flowers by slightly different names. Google is your friend. (2) We lean more towards premium flowers in our wedding designs so only a handful of low-cost flowers are listed on our favourites. We also don't use tropical flowers much so we have not included these (but it's safe to assume these are available almost 12 months of the year as most are imported from Asia).

Grab your copy of our guide here.


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