Pricing with Confidence #ForFlorists


This week's podcast episode is a good one – going deep into the world of pricing + $$$$.

Here's a revolution I had a few years back: it wasn't the pricing model that I struggled with, it was what I was making that price mean.

Yeah, it might feel like a subtle difference but the shift in perspective was everything for me (and the success of my business).

In this week's episode of the Thrive Podcast #ForFlorists, I share my 'a ha' moments around pricing, dig into what was holding me back from "charging full price".

Plus, I review the industry standard pricing models as well as my super simple approach to pricing.

For the record, here is what is common most frequently when it comes to pricing for florsts:

Everyday Flowers: Wholesale x 3 + time (make sure your time is a minimum of $85 per hour)

Weddings & Events: Wholesale x 3.5-4.5 + 30-50%

Over the years, I have developed my own, super simple approach to pricing.

Everyday Flowers: Wholesale x 4

Weddings & Events: Wholesale x 5 or 6

I explain more in this week's podcast episode but I just LOVE the simplicity of this approach.

I know pricing is an area where a lot of designers struggle – if you want my help, sign up for my 1:1 program [click here] and let's level up your business.

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