Making Money as a Designer Doesn't Need to be Such a Mystery

I've witnessed monumental growth revolutionise businesses and lives, and I want the same for YOU.

So I’m cutting through the noise and letting you in on all of the strategies, techniques, and insider info that’s helped hundreds of creatives where you’re trying to go—WITHOUT spending endless hours chained to your computer.

This is your era of bringing visions to life, and I can’t wait to help you blow your mind with what you achieve in your business (and life!).

💖 Kathleen

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Dear Creative Visionary...

I get you because I am you. You’re ready to disrupt the status quo, create generational wealth, and build a life that feels good— but you’re not willing to sacrifice all of your free time and everything else you love in the process.

Good news— that’s exactly what we do around here. I firmly believe in the potential of running your own business to create your dream life. And do it in YOUR way.

That’s why everything I teach is rooted in radical transparency and time-tested insights— so you can quickly grasp the essentials and learn how to put them into action for maximum results without wading through a sea of recycled, surface-level info first.

Making money as a creative isn't rocket science. You just haven't had access to the right tools, support, or brutally honest insights—until now.


Say Hello to Your Next Level

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What My Clients Have Said About Working with Me

Your workshop is just brilliant because it's so down to earth. You say how it is. It's easy to relate to and you're sharing all the secrets. It’s totally amazing and I 100% recommend florists new + old need to sign up now!
Nancy, St. Charles, IL

That confidence that I just gain, it's huge. The confidence I get just from just hearing other stories and listening, it makes me go, "Yeah, I can do it."

Ash, Australia

Kathleen is by your side every step of the way. She walks you through the process and gives you the confidence to take on any new challenge or opportunity. I am so grateful.

Gerilynn, Altanta, GA

I've finally learned there really are no flower police. No is going to come along and tell me I'm doing it wrong! I'm so glad I invested in this work and knowing I have the tools to make it happen is a game-changer.

Sherrill, United Arab Emirates

These systems work! I've added more than $140,000 in revenue to my business (and that's during a global pandemic).

Emily, Australia

I've made so much more progress than I even thought possible. I have confidence in my pricing. I'm clear on my branding and I have so much more understanding of what really matters when it comes to getting customers.

Karen, New Zealand

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Marketing, money + mindset for floral designers and creative entrepreneurs


Come behind the scenes of my creative business and get the inside scoop to help you build your business.

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CREATIVE entrepreneur


When I was 17, my dad sat me down and told me "Creativity doesn't pay the bills."

Instead of pursuing a creative career, I took a more traditional path of working in corporate marketing.

More than 10 years ago, I finally took the leap and started my own flower business. After many many false starts, I finally learned how to make money doing what I love.

In fact, I became 100% debt-free before I was 40. 😀

I'm on a mission to empower, educate and inspire more creative women to follow their hearts. And actually make money doing it. I know for certain, if I figured it out, I know you can too.