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Wanna feel confident in your pricing, attract more of the ‘right kind of clients’ and master the admin side of things…all while doing the work you love?

Well my friend, it is 100% possible.

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I love flowers + business. 


Six years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. We lived in the big city, had fancy jobs and worked crazy hours. I felt the pull to my roots, to a small town kinda life.

So, we left fancy jobs, the fancy corner office and the fancy paycheque. We moved to a small town, started our own wedding design studio and bought the local flower shop.

Little did I realise the world we had stepped in to.

Playing with flowers is fun. Building a profitable floral design business is hard.

This industry, filled with secretiveness, provides few resources about business + flowers, is much more than beautiful flowers and pretty photographs.

It takes experience and expertise to build a six figure floral design business.

So here I am, a woman on a mission, translating all our fancy marketing expertise and personal experience into easy-to-follow guidance for all y’all flower fairies.

I work with clients all around the world, mastering the principles of business to build sustainable and profitable businesses you LOVE working in.

And yes, we still make beautiful wedding flowers for brides all across the Southern Highlands.

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I love hearing from you! Send through a question, thought or idea – anything you’re trying to sort through at the moment and we’ll do what we can to help.

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