How to be a legitimate florist: new podcast

It's easy to believe that being a legitimate florist is all about having qualifications, certifications, a physical shop front, or more Instagram followers.

That is to say, you'll only be considered to be a "real" florist once you've amassed some combination of these things.

And I absolutely thought this to be true. Early on in my floristry career, I chased them all with the belief that this was how you became a legitimate florist.

First, I got my florist qualification. Then, I started a pop-up stall at the local market and opened an Instagram account. I even bought a flower shop. But none of these things made me feel legitimate and I still felt like I was a fraud.

So I signed up for more workshops, more courses, more trainings. Still nope. I fundamentally did not believe that I had what it took to run a legitimate flower business.

Worthiness comes from within

After chasing all these things to prove my legitimacy, it finally dawned on me — there was nothing outside of me that was going to instil legitimacy in me.

In fact, legitimacy doesn't come from certification or qualifications. It doesn't come from more Insta followers, or a shop front, or going to XYZs workshop.

This feeling of credibility and worthiness that we are all after comes from our thoughts.

So you know all those external things that you're chasing? Let's consider what you may be making them mean.

Common mistakes chasing legitimacy

Many florists tell themselves that they'll feel like they run a legitimate business when something outside of them happens:

When I have a shop front. You might decide that because you've committed to a 6 month lease and are now personally liable to pay rent for at least 6 months, that you'll step up your game.

But you don't need a commercial lease to step up your game. In fact, you can just decide that "stepping up" is what a legitimate business owner would do and start today.

When I have X followers on Instagram. You might think that only having 200 followers means you're not legitimate. But that number is not what's sapping your credibility. It's what you're making the number mean.

I know floral designers with 30K followers on Instagram who don't feel legitimate, who don't feel empowered to run the business the way they want to.

That Insta number doesn't mean shit. It's the meaning you've attached to it.

When I get my XYZ qualification. Guess what? It's a piece of paper confirming you've completed a set of training and can do certain tasks.

Better thoughts to make you feel credible

I've spent thousands of dollars later or training. Gone to every high-profile workshop. I've run a business with a shopfront and one without a shopfront.

And I've learned that none of that matters. Whether or not you run a legitimate business is decided in the space between your ears.

In reality, only you get to decide what any of it means, good or bad. Nothing outside of you is going to do it.

You get to decide to feel legitimate right now. Whatever papers, training, experience or know-how you have formally completed or not.

Just decide.

So whenever you get that feeling that you don't have what it takes to run a legitimate florist business, I want you to try these thoughts out instead:

  1. I have everything I need right now to build my business + be successful.
  2. My customers don't care about qualifications. They care that I can solve their problem.
  3. I am enough. Exactly as I am right now. I don't need more followers, qualifications or expertise.
  4. My website is more important than your shop front.
  5. My customers need my help.
  6. People are waiting to work with me.
  7. People want what I have to offer.

More resources on this topic

Today's podcast is all about finding that feeling of legitimacy and sense of credibility. Listen in to the episode listed below or jump on to Spotify here.

And finally, there's more good stuff on how florists can conquer all things marketing, money and mindset. Grab my Free Pricing Guide #ForFlorists.



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