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Feeling lost, overwhelmed + exhausted?

My name is Kathleen. I'm here to help.

I used to believe I was the only one. Every other floral designer made it all feel so effortless, meanwhile I found my constantly second-guessing everything.

I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was lost, miserable and exhausted.

Five years on, my business looks completely different. I am in love with my work. I am in love with my business. I am in love with my clients. I want you to experience the same freedom and confidence.


Conquer the Business of Flowers

Define your version of success.

When is the last time you've stopped to ask yourself, What do I want? Most of us never stop to ask – we're too busy reacting to everyone else's needs and comparing ourselves to someone's version of success.

When is the last time you gave youself permission to dream, to decide what you want? Here's the beauty of starting your own business – you get to decide.

So, my friend, if you could build your dream business, what would that look like? How much money would you make? What kind of work would you create? How big or small would your team be.

Get clear. Be ambitious. Dream big.

Step in to your authority.

Here’s the thing no one tells you, when you start your business: you are The Boss. It’s an unfamiliar space for us to be.

There are no teachers to grade you. No boss to provide you feedback. No parents to tell you to be a good girl. You answer to no one but yourself.

You don’t need permission from anyone and you answer to no one but yourself.

Embrace the power of being the CEO. Lean into the discomfort. This is where the magic is.

Learn to say no.

You’re afraid of letting them down. You need the money. And you find yourself pulled in 10 directions. You're exhausted, overwhelmed and lost. You have no time to focus on your dream.

That was me too. I wasted so much time, energy and money on things that kept me stuck and overworked for years. All beause I didn't want to learn how to say 'no'.

If I could start all over again, I would do it so differently. I would decide what I wanted and then be ruthless in my focus. I'd learn the skill of saying no, sooner. It's easier than you think.

Free Mini Session

Want more?

I know exactly what it's like to struggle. To know you're made to do this work, but can't overcome the self doubt, uncertainty and negative self talk.

I'm here to help.

Sign up for a free mini session (20 minutes) and let's discuss what isn't working in your business and what you want to get more of when it comes to building the flower busines of your dreams.

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