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Flower Business Masterclass

Learn the 3 simple steps standing between you and your dream flower business.

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What the famous florists don't want you to know about building a thriving flower business (yes, I'm spilling the tea!)


My #1 hack for attracting better customers, effortlessly booking better clients and creating work you love.


The single most important formula every floral designer needs to make progress faster and grow their business.

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Kathleen, your systems are incredible!!! I am blown away.


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Kathleen Drennan

Your Flower Boss BFF.

I take the mystery out of making money by teaching floral designers the ins and outs of building a business.

I too went from a struggling designer, resentful of my clients, wishing I could land dreamy customers and barely making ends meet to a THRIVING Flower Boss.

Going into my 11th year as a business owner, my passion lies in helping floral designers learn the real secrets to success so they can get results faster.

I want every floral designer on the planet to know you don't need to trade off passion, creativity and income.

You can have it all.

Gone are the days of wondering how to make it work.

Let me introduce you to an easier approach, a simple system to growing your flower business.