Business Masterclass

My 5-step system for conquering the business of flowers.



  • Have a simple, go-to pricing formula that sets your business up to last.
  • Create the designs YOU want…and say goodbye to work you don’t even like.
  • Find your “secret sauce” so you can stand out from your competition and charge a premium.
  • Book better clients by focussing your time and money in the right places.
  • Get on top of your admin so you can spend more time on the fun stuff.

You know that to be a successful florist you need a pricing formula that works, a steady stream of good clients at your door, and opportunity to create the designs you want.

In an ideal world, you’d be designing work you love for clients who are more than happy to pay your set prices (and not cheap prices at that). You’d know exactly the right steps to grow your business and you could afford to bring in help so you could spend your time on things that really mattered. The future was bright.

Umm, yeah, but that’s not happening at the moment.

In fact, you’re not making enough money so find yourself saying ‘yes’ to work you don’t even like – for clients who want it all but aren’t prepared to pay for it. You’re trying everything, and working like a dog, but not getting anywhere.

It’s not that you’re ungrateful for the chances you’ve had so far… but something’s not right: How is everyone else able to create beautiful designs AND find real customers with real money who are willing to pay for them?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and completely lost trying to find answers. In fact, that’s EXACTLY where I was, wondering if there was a “secret handbook” that everyone else had but me.



I’m Kathleen, and I created the Business Masterclass for florists just like you.

Because a few years ago I was there too, trying to get my business off the ground and searching for answers that were never there. So, I made some BIG mindset and business changes. And now?

Now, I’m giving you the exact system I created for taking control and conquering the business of flowers.

The Business Masterclass is my complete 5-step system for conquering the business of flowers in six weeks.

Covering all the good things:

  • a simple but effective pricing formula

  • creating the designs you want

  • standing out from your competition

  • attracting more of the right customers

  • handling admin with ease

  • live weekly training & office hours

  • an invite to the #forflorists community


"I now know, yes I am worth it – my expertise, my skills, my time & my health. It is all worth it! Your solutions are easy & I managed to send out 3 quotes over the weekend, which took not much time at all, and 2 have come back as accepted already! Making-Money-Monday’s have never been easier!"


What’s inside my Business Masterclass, you ask?


Here's what's inside the program:

Module One

Are you working hard but not making any money? Does your gut tell you to charge more but are not sure how much more? Do you feel like your expenses are all over the place? Let’s start with the basics and get your business set up to make you a profit.

What will that do for you?

  • Find out the importance of profit and why that’s different from paying yourself.
  • Discover a simple, proven formula for pricing your work that guarantees you’ll make money.
  • Understand where your different costs sit and why the pricing formula covers them all.
  • Gain confidence in your pricing no matter what your level of experience.
  • Swipe my tips on managing your bank accounts to make life way less stressful.
Module Two
Define Your Offer

Do you find yourself being told by customers what to make? Are they asking you to just recreate the things in their photo, even if most of the flowers are out of season and it’s badly designed to begin with? Do quotes take you forever to prepare?

Well my friend, let’s fix this. I’ll show you how to completely turn-the-tables so customers buy your designs.

What will that do for you?

  • Give you a process for finding your style – one that fills your creative soul and you’re happy to make.
  • Learn how to create a Set Menu based on your designs and price them properly.
  • Help you turn around quotes quickly with way less effort.
  • Build your confidence in selling your designs at your set prices.
Module Three

Do you charge a premium for your floristry services or do you find yourself competing a lot on price? Beyond your logo and colour scheme, are you unsure how to go about setting yourself apart from all the competitors in your area?

We’ll demystify this whole brand thing by breaking it down into practical steps you can start working on today.

What will that do for you?

  • Lose the urge to lower your prices because you feel you can’t compete.
  • Discover the four key ingredients to your brand and how to intentionally manage them.
  • Find your uniqueness and what makes you “you”. Because when you’ve found this, selling your services becomes a whole lot easier.
Module Four
Ideal Customers

You know those customers who want you to make something you hate, want to pay as little as possible for it and, frankly, don’t care whether it’s you or the next florist who does it? Yeah, they’re not your ideal customer and are actually just wasting your time.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, put your time and money into figuring out what sort of customers you do want and where to find more like them.

What will that do for you?

  • Bring laser-focus to your efforts so that your precious, limited resources are spent attracting people who are good for your business.
  • Get to know your ideal customer so well that they’ll think you’re a mind reader.
  • Show you where in the media stream you need to show up – and where you don’t.
  • Give you the confidence to quickly say “no” to low value leads.
Module Five
Working Smart

Are you struggling to get back to enquires in time? Maybe you’re swamped in emails and doing a million other things that are getting in the way of actually doing the work. 

What will help is some expert guidance from Kathleen on “getting shit done”. Practical and motivating, she’ll share her best advice on how to be effective with your time.

What will that do for you?

  • Arm you with daily mindset practices to make sure your head is in the right place to run your flower business empire.
  • Learn now to make effective time-saving templates for almost ANYTHING.
  • Dispel the “I can’t afford to hire someone” myth and encourage you to look at enlisting help differently.
  • Learn from a community of like-minded florists from around the world who are eager to share.
Private Online Community

In this private community, you can connect with other ambitious floral designers to master the business of flowers.

Meet other flower fairies from around the world, learn, grow and conquer all things business + marketing. Ask questions. Learn from one another’s experience and know you are not in this on your own.

With your course purchase, you automatically get two free months access to our private community. At the end of the course, you can continue your membership for $27.99 USD a month.


Personal Touch
Live Training

In addition to the workbook covering all five modules, your program includes six live training sessions held over six weeks. During these sessions we will go deep on specific topics:

  1. Creating Confidence in Your Pricing Model
  2. How to Build Your Product Menu
  3. How to Set Your Prices
  4. Sales 101 – Sell Like a Boss
  5. Understanding Your Ideal Client’s Path to Purchase
  6. Using Templates to Get Shit Done

We’ll also host weekly office hours where we can talk through any real life challenges you have. These weekly times are where you can work directly with Kathleen and ask questions specific to your business. How good is that?


"But most importantly I am 100% confident that it's a profitable one."


Take a peak inside my Business Masterclass

The “secret handbook” made for florists just like you!

Oh, and a little more about me,
your teacher...

I am a small-town girl with questionable taste in music. I left a fancy career in advertising & marketing to pursue a life with more meaning. Over the past five years I’ve toiled away on my floristry business and have finally cracked the code – building a six-figure wedding brand from scratch and growing a 25-year-old retail shop by +45%. Now I want to share all the goodies with you!


So how much does it cost?

I wanted to build the course I desperately wished was available when I was starting out. A complete course like this sells for $3,700, but...

Business Masterclass


My Business Masterclass is for you if:

  • You own a floral design business – retail, everyday flowers, funerals, weddings, events, workshops, or growing flowers.
  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere. You want to know where to focus your energy to build your business.
  • You’re tired of taking on any job just because you ‘need the money’. You want to connect with customers who see real value in what you do.
  • You’re working around the clock but your bank account doesn’t reflect it. You know you can master the design side, you just need a roadmap to conquer all things business + marketing.
  • You second-guess your approach to pricing. You know floral design is what your heart is called to do but you’re not sure how to build a long term business.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different to formal floristry education or workshops?

When I first started in this industry, I signed up to as many programs as I could – I did my formal certification, and have paid $$$ in workshops and live courses.

However, all those courses focus much more on the design and ‘how to flower’ side of things.

The reality is though, to be successful in this industry, you need to conquer the world of business + marketing, as well as refine your design skills.

That is precisely why I’ve created this course. To help you conquer the world of business + marketing and make it immediately actionable to you, as a floral designer.

The program covers key marketing topics like branding, identifying your ideal customer, and clearly defining your design offering.

I also hand over our exact approach to pricing that allows you to build a team, set up clear processes and grow to six figures as effortlessly as possible.

Right now is a busy time for me; I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

I completely understand that life gets busy and you have a lot on the go.

You will have lifetime access to this program’s materials (including the Guidebook PDF, live video replays, as well as the presentation materials).

So, you can come back to them as often as you like and revisit the concepts to match the ebb and flow of your business.

It will also help you get in the habit of working ON your business (as opposed to working IN your business). You’ll do this through weekly LIVE Training and LIVE Office Hours.

To get the most out of the course though, I do suggest participating LIVE – you’ll have direct access to Kathleen to ask her anything during the six-week program so jump in and take advantage.

How long will I have access to the content? Will the course expire?

You will have lifetime access to all the program materials! This means you can access the content for as long as you like – it’s yours forever.

The course is hosted within a private, paid online community called #ForFlorists. The $499 USD course fee includes 2 months free access to the community. You can extend your membership into the community for $27.99 USD per month after your first two free months. Or, you can choose to discontinue your membership – you will still have access to all the course materials through a Google Drive folder.

How is the content delivered? I’m worried that I won’t learn the way I like to learn best.

Guess what? I’m totally with you – we all have different learning styles.

Don’t fret, I’ve gotcha covered.

This six-week program is delivered through a range of resources:

  • 100 page ‘how-to’ Guidebook that spells out the fundamental principles in detail. This is a PDF you can download to your computer or phone and refer back to at any time
  • 6 x live training sessions – which will be recorded so you can watch anytime
  • 6 x live Q&A sessions – which are also recorded so you can watch anytime
  • Presentation slides from each live session are saved so you can review them in detail
  • Online community (free access during the whole course) includes lots of handy tools and tips AND you get to connect directly with other florists who are sorting through the same challenges

We’ve put a huge amount of effort into making sure we cater to different learning styles and that the content is simple to digest in bite-size pieces. This way you can fit the course into what your schedule allows during the week.

Do I need to learn fancy formulas or difficult math?

No way Jose! We’ve made this course for Creatives – our brains have a particular way of processing information and, for many of us, math isn’t our forte.

Don’t stress, we’ll walk through the details together and the fundamental formula is so easy a third-grader could do it.

I don’t think I can afford this course right now.

I completely understand the timing may not be right for you at the moment. You need to make the best decision for you and your business.

But I can tell you I wish this course existed when we first started our business – I would have avoided a lot of mistakes! It is one of the single best investments you will make in your business this year.

Most of our students earn the cost of the course back within just a few weeks. Plus, it provides clarity on where to focus your time and energy so you can stop second-guessing yourself and feel more confident.


I live overseas can I still join the program?

We have students from all over the world participating in the program – the fundamental formulas, sales process, templates and tools all still apply no matter where you live.

I am focused on funeral flowers and / or everyday flower deliveries. Is this program right for me?


As you know, Kathleen has deep experience across all areas of floristry. So, unlike other programs and courses, this one is specifically suited for florists who focus on areas beyond weddings and events.

During the program, Kathleen highlights examples specific to funerals, everyday flower deliveries, as well as workshops – plus she talks through how pricing works in each of these instances.


Will I be charged an additional transaction fee when I purchase the program?

The platform we use to host the course charges your account in USD. Whether or not you are charged an international transaction fee will depend on what country you live in and what your personal bank account fees are. Check with your bank to confirm.

Stop letting your business run you. You chose this profession because you're crazy about flowers. Let's put you back in the driver's seat so you can do what you love.

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