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Access the online learning library + private community.

The online library is hosted inside my private #ForFlorists community – this space is only for my clients and is one of my most favourite places to hang out.

The #ForFlorist community is the definition of a safe and sacred space. In it you'll learn from one another, feel confident knowing you’re never alone and stay connected with like-minded flower bosses from around the globe!

Upon registering, you'll be asked to enter your credit card info but you will not be charged anything for the first 3 months.

After that, you can decide if you want to stay on in the community. But don’t stress about it for the minute. Instead, jump in and get right to the good stuff.


What to do after you log in...


Explore the community

Yes, there is a lot of content and material in here. It's totally normal to feel overwhelmed when you first log in. Just dive in and explore. You can also find a quick overview here.


Direct chat + DM

Find the direct chat feature: use this to reach out at any time and ask all the questions (literally!). Remember, I am by your side through this entire journey.


Online courses

The Courses section of the community is where all the trainings and templates are found. This is also where you will find the Business Masterclass, Website Masterclass, Instagram Masterclass, Selling Wedding Flowers Online as well as a few other gems.


Set up your notifications

Set up your notifications – new content is posted each week so make sure your notifications are set so you don't miss anything. Plus, there's an iPhone app you can download if you're so inclined. All of this is set up with your profile.


Introduce yourself

Take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the community. They are lovely people from all over who are exactly like you and me. Introduce yourself here.