Kathleen's systems work so well! I increased my revenue by $140,000. And, I did it in less than 12 months working from my kitchen table.

— Emily, Australia





You know you have what it takes to be a successful floral designer. You’re putting in all the effort but you’re just not getting the results you want…



You started your flower business with a vision of turning your passion into profit but it’s not going the way you planned. You’re exhausted and not quite sure how much longer you want to go on like this…



You’re struggling to stay on top of the seemingly endless to-do lists. There’s not enough hours in the day. You feel like you’re barely keeping up…

You already know what a struggle it can be to find support, get answers and feel supported in your flower business journey.


That's Exactly What Inspired Me to Create This Program

I’ve heard from so many passionate, ambitious floral designers – just like you – struggling in their business and feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed, thanks to:


The well-established floral designers are so hush-hush about their secrets. No one wants to share the specifics of how they went from struggling designer to successful business owner. Now you're left feeling all alone, trying to Google all the things but still left with so many questions.


All the marketing gurus and supposed experts, adding to your epic to-do list, encouraging you to post 3 times a day, obsessing over engagement and telling you to do all the things to get more exposure. But you're still waiting for all that effort to turn into paying customers.


So then you beat yourself up for even thinking about making money. Every day you wake up having to convince yourself you love your work, love the flowers and love your clients...but deep down you know it's not enough. You want more and you know you're made for more.

Thankfully, all of that is behind you now.

You can make really good money as a floral designer.

Let me show you how.

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Flower Boss Bootcamp

Get access to everything you need to build a profitable flower business.

FBB gives you the blueprint for success, makes pricing simple and shows you step by step how to get customers and grow your business.

Here's what you get inside Flower Boss Bootcamp:

Learn the skills you need to build a sustainable flower business and get the clarity you're craving.

Show up consistently in your business without having to reinvet the wheel every time out.

Attract quality clients to your business rather than saying yes to whatever comes your way.

Price with confidence and stop worrying about what the competition is doing.

Have more energy and time freedom in your business and avoid the exhaustion of burnout.

Fall in love with flowering again, being able to create the work you love.

Meet the Maker

Hi, I’m Kathleen, co-founder + Creative Director of Little Bird Bloom. I’m so excited to be your guide and mentor through the next phase of your business growth.

I’ve spent 25 years working with business owners, creatives and designers, strategising on business, mapping out plans for profitability and scaling successful businesses. And I’m super excited to take all my expertise and pour it into the floral design industry.

It took me almost five years to learn how to grow a thriving flower business and I am on a mission to make it easier for you than it was for me. A few years ago, we started teaching florists the ins and outs of what we’d implemented in our 7-figure flower business, sharing our blueprint for success and it’s helped hundreds of florists grow their business faster than they thought possible.

Now, it’s your turn to join us and become our next success story.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a formally qualified and accredited designer or if you’re totally self-taught. It doesn’t matter if you want to do big-budget weddings or want to avoid weddings altogether.

We’re here to teach you the skills you need to show up with more confidence, attract better customers and make money in your flower business. I can’t wait to show you how it’s done and share this journey with you.

How does this program work?

Inside FBB you'll learn the skills you need to show up with more confidence and step into the role of Flower Boss. And we go through it step by step.

You can finally stop trying to piece it all together on your own and learn how to conquer the business of flowers, attract better customers and grow a successful business.

Join today and get immediate access to everything you need to build a profitable flower business in less than 6 months.

Simple Blueprint

Enrol today and get immediate access to the full suite of videos + worksheets. We walk you through everything step by step. No more trying to piece it all together on your own or wondering what needs to happen next. It's all laid out for you in 12 video modules.

Templates + Shortcuts

Whether you're getting your website sorted, trying to navigate Google Ads, conquer Instagram or are wondering how to show up with confidence when it comes to pricing for profitability, the study vault includes deep-dive trainings.

Group Coaching + Q&A

Each week you have the opportunity to get on a LIVE call with Kathleen and your fellow FBB peers to get coaching on the exact frustrations you are experiencing. You also get to benefit by watching your peers get coaching around the exact struggles you have.

Easy Implementation

Get access to the full library of templates and how-to guides for Instagram, wedding enquiries, quoting, website pages, SEO, Google Ads, hiring and more! Inside FBB, you get access to every template we use in our business!

Supportive Community

No more having to figure things out on your own or wondering how everyone else tackles challenges in their businesses. Join FBB today and know you never need to figure things out on your own. Ask questions. Learn other's secrets.

Study Vault

For the floral designer on the move, the program also provides a private podcast + video replays, where you can catch call replays and learn from other florists navigating similar challenges to you – knowing you're never alone in your business.

Flower Boss Bootcamp Curriculum

No more being at the mercy of your customers or creating designs you don't really like. You'll learn how to simplify your approach and make it even easier for your customers to say YES to your dream designs!
No more giving away your work. No more playing small and no more worrying about all the bargain hunters. You'll finally learn how to price with confidence.
You will learn the foundational mindset mastery framework that we teach exclusively inside FBB. You will learn how re-write limiting beliefs, ditch self-sabotaging stories and and start showing up with real confidence to you creating the results you want TODAY.
No more spending time on marketing tactics that don't work and no more second-guessing how to get more customers. You get everything you need to make it easy!
Get clear on your dreams and follow my easy-as approach to getting sh*t done so you can start seeing real results today.
This is the single most important marketing + sales asset in your business and we're here to help you stay focused on what matters most, giving you the exact content, words and layouts to follow to help you create a kick-ass website.
No more offering discounts or fearing the idea of being too expansive. Learn how to price with confidence and grow your profitability.
Streamline your approach and stop spending so much time on admin. Learn how to grow your business and make more money without working all hours of the day.

A proven process. Real life results.

Discover how designers (just like you) are creating successful flower businesses around the world!! People like...


It's absolutely worth it.

I've signed up to other programs and, yeah, they had some good information but this program goes above and beyond. You cannot put a dollar amount on the things that Kathleen is giving you.

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 11.14.56 am

Lisa, Huldra Floral


You need this program.

Kathleen holds your hand through the entire process and gives you all the resources. And her systems are incredible.

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 11.25.10 am

Gerilynn⁠, Flux Floral


You'll earn it back x10.

I can confirm – it is sooo worth it!! What seems like a big decision, if applied in practice, is made back within a few months. No problem!

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 11.15.21 am

Emily, Petal Pushers


This program is incredible.

Kathleen has been the best investment into my business, along with a cooler and accounting program. If you are just starting out or a 25 year veteran like me, you need to sign up for this before you cut one more stem!

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 11.17.34 am

Brenda, Tandem Studio

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I know making an investment in your business feels scary. If you feel a little uncertain or unsure, that's OK.

But I also know what we teach inside FBB is incredible. You get access to every template, tool and how-to guide, weekly LIVE coaching, the private community and an unparalleled level of support.

Plus, we offer a full money-back guarantee so you can invest with total piece of mind knowing this program will actually work for you and your business.

It's super simple too. Enrol now. Do the work and if you don't get results, just send us an email to get your money back. (Click here to read the full details on the process.)

Here's What You'll Get

Flower Boss Bootcamp

  • On-demand access to all the videos, worksheets, templates + how-to guides.
  • 12 deep dive video modules, walking you through every step of the process step by step so you can take action and get results quickly.
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • Video replays + archive for you to scroll through and get answers to almost every question under the sun
  • Private Podcast so you can learn on the go and catch the coaching call replays in your own time.
  • Study Vault access, including 12+ step by step courses and how-to guides.
  • Private community to feel supported, ask questions and learn from each other
  • New monthly trainings, co-working sessions and classes.

And don't forget about the

Money Back Guarantee

3 easy payments of

$997 USD
Effortlessly manage your cashflow.

Save 5%

$2840 USD
Pay in full and save money!

How do you know if FBB is right for you?

Here's what I know to be true: you're here because you haven't found an approach that works.

Maybe you're enrolled in another program but you're not really making the progress you envisioned. You still feel like something is missing.

Maybe you're early on in your floristry career and feeling overwhelmed by the learning curve.

Maybe you're a seasoned veteran and you're feeling stuck. You're not loving the work as much as you used to and you want to reconnect and realign.

My friend, the fact that you're reading this, means FBB IS right for you.

You do have what it takes to make it work.  It's time to stop letting fear and doubt stop you from making your dreams come true. 

It's time to take the plunge and make the decision to show up as a Flower Boss!

Imagine if you could let go of...

Imposter Syndrome and all the self doubt – make today the last day you struggle alone and stay stuck playing small.

Costly mistakes and ineffective marketing tactics – it's time to learn the right strategies to follow to effortlessly attract more customers.

Wasting time on clients and customers that don't value what you do – those dream customers are waiting for you!

Feeling stuck in comparison-itis and paralised by overwhelm – get the tools you need to show up with confidence.

Giving away your work and underearning – it's time to learn how to price for profit and manage your money.

Wondering if you're doing it right – it's time to get the tools you need to fast track your success and take massive action!

This is what happens for students inside FBB and it's available for you too, today!

But wait...there's more!

Join us inside FBB today and get immediate access to every template, tool + resource we use in our business. (Yes, ALL of them!)

Enquiry Systems

Yes, it's all in there. Every email, template, and system we use to effortlessly book in better clients so you can spend less time on admin and more time flowering!


Instagram Masterclass

It's time to play an easier Instagram game – learn how to get found by the right customers and make it easier for them to say yes to your dream work!


Ingredients Planning

Get our go-to guide for planning your ingredients and pricing for profit. No more second-guessing!


Pricing with Confidence

Learn exactly how to price your designs once and for all. No more discounting and no more worrying about being too expensive.


Conquer Google

Cut through the confusion and sort through the overwhelm. It's time to master Google Ads, Google Business, and Google Analytics so you can get found by your dream customers.


Selling Subscriptions

Get our step by step strategy for effortlessly selling floral subscriptions and creating consistent income.


Website Templates

The exact content and page layouts to follow, how to conquer SEO, and everything you need to make your website work for your business.


Hiring + Enlisting Help

Scale your business and create more impact with my exact approach to enlisting help, creating recipes, leading a team and sorting through your processes.


So Much More!

Get acccess to tools to help you conquer Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and selling wedding flowers online.

What Our Flower Boss Bootcamp Graduates Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for any and ALL seasons of growing your flower business. In the program, we focus on branding, pricing, sales systems, marketing and managing your mindset. This is about getting the right pieces of the puzzle sorted and setting yourself up for growing successful, sustainable flower businesses. We have students who haven’t made the first dollar in their business yet-but they came to acquire the skills early in their business. This takes all the guesswork out of having a thriving flower business.
This program was carefully thought out to give you all the tools and coaching you could possibly need to build a business. Whether you are NEW to the business or a floral pro, there are tools in here to help you take your business to the next level. Your success is entirely based on your commitment to the process and the willingness to do the work. We provide an unparalleled level of support inside this program and cater our teaching to lots of learning styles. Learn the concepts. Get coaching. Use the tools. Make them your own. MANY students report having breakthroughs in the first week, let alone the first 30 and 90 days. Better yet, this program comes with a money-back guarantee so you can invest in your business with total peace of mind.
Most clients who do the work of showing up consistently, watching the trainings, and applying the principles taught in the program see a shift within 7 days in their business. In some cases, the results come as quickly as 1-2 days. In this program, you are given the exact blueprint to getting customers, pricing with confidence and setting out the systems that make sales super simple. You learn how to allow customers to come to you, navigate price shoppers and create a steady stream of dream clients. If you are “I’ll work to earn or save” the money, I want to encourage you to treat this as college or education. If you wish to enter the marketplace with maximum skill, it helps to pay for the education and tools to guarantee your results. If you aren’t making money in your business, it is because you are missing the tools inside this program.
Yes. We've made it easy for you to manage your cash flow and you can gain access to the program for just $997USD x 3 payments. Many of our students have earned their money back before they finish their payment plan, which is so awesome! We'd love you to be our next success story.
Nope. In fact, the majority of our students set their own schedules and catch up on live calls using the private podcast or video replays. In fact, you learn MORE by watching others get coached. Some of our most successful students are people who NEVER received live coaching for themselves but have implemented from watching others get coaching.