❌  You don't need to play the popularity game.

❌   You don't need more experience or qualifications.

❌   You don't need to be cheap.

✅  You just need the right tools to get where you want to go.

What Our Students Are Saying

the business of flowers workshop

There's an easier way.

Get the tools you need to build the business you love.

From the outside, being a floral designer should be fun.

All those florists who show up on Instagram, feeds filled with beautiful work, bragging about how busy they are — it all looks so effortless, so easy.

Meanwhile, you're struggling.

Struggling to get customers, struggling to make money and struggling not to call it quits.

I get it. That was my story too.

It's precisely why I created this 90-day online program – to help you get focussed and build a business you love.

Does this sound familiar?

"Kathleen, this industry is filled with so many secrets. I've tried all the things but I can't seem to figure this out. How is it that everyone else makes it looks so easy? What is wrong with me? What am I missing?"


Everyday I hear from designers around the world struggling with similar challenges.

If this sounds familiar to you too, you are not alone.

It's precisely why I created my Flower Boss Bootcamp, to help you get the clarity you're craving.

Get my exact blueprint for building a flower business you love.

Sign up for my Flower Boss Bootcamp and get the clarity you've been craving. 

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What will you learn?

  • Defining Success
  • Your CEO Self
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Mastering Sales
  • Fear of Failure
  • Creating Outcomes
  • Your Website
  • Marketing Priorities
  • Craft Your Brand
  • Making Money
  • Your Ideal Client


Get clear on your mission, create a plan for success and know exactly what to focus on.


Step into the driver's seat, define your own version of success and get to work.


Connect with like-minded flower bosses, navigating the same challenges as you.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, this program is this good.

After learning and implementing the methods we teach in this course, if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund you the purchase price of the program.

Flower Boss Bootcamp

How the program works.

Live Class

Each week, I host a LIVE 60 minute Bootcamp class on Zoom. Over twelve weeks, we'll focus on one piece of the flower business puzzle at a time.


You'll get my eyes on your business! Take advantage of the opportunity to submit homework for Kathleen's review + feedback every week.

Study Vault

We have a full library of materials to help you navigate pricing, Instagram, websites, sales and more! Get access to all our templates and tools. 


Catch-up on missed classes or dive into our rich library of past trainings and how-to videos. You'll have access to all of it, right away.

You CAN do this. I know you can.

It's not about having more Instagram followers.

It's not about having more qualifications or certifications.

It's definitely not about having a fancy shop front.

It's about having the right strategy, the right tools and the right support to guide the way.

Make today the last day you keep struggling on your own.

Being a business owner is one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences you can embark on. It's time to take back control and step into a more confident version of yourself.

The tools you need to take action.

My Flower Boss Bootcamp is the only program available to floral designers focused entirely on the business of flowers. I pass along my exact roadmap for attracting more customers, showing up with more confidence and making more money.

I’ll teach you about business + making money. But what you’ll get is more confidence.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, this program is this good.

After learning and implementing the methods we teach in this course, if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund you the purchase price of the program.

What do we cover inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp?

This isn't a design course. This is about conquering the business of flowers.

I provide the exact tools you need to attract more customers, make more money and show up with confidence.

I share my go-to strategies for attracting better customers, as well as all the templates + tools you need to quickly implement the right strategies in your business.

Client Feedback

What others are saying about our Bootcamp


This is our last session for 2021!

This program is unlike anything available in our industry. It focuses entirely on the business of flowers.

Sign up today and jump right into the weekly Live Classes, dig into the courses in our Study Vault and binge listen to the Private Podcast.


  • Get access to all course materials for 6 months.
  • Participate in additional masterclasses and live coaching sessions.
  • Get access to our full course library and all templates to make implementation even easier.
  • Private online community exclusive to Bootcamp alumni and students. Connect with like-minded business owners and shortcut your progress.
  • All the replays for the live classes are shared so you can watch and review in your own time.

September 2021

3 x $997 USD
Registration is now open!

Your questions answered.

Tuition for the September 2021 program is $2,840USD or 3 payments of $997USD. If paying instalments, the first payment is due upon registration, the second payment 30 days later and the third payment 60 days later.
The Flower Boss Bootcamp is a 90-day business intensive. When you sign up, you get 6 months access to all the course materials.
We've brought together the best tools to set you up for success. Each week there is (1) LIVE 60 minute Bootcamp class with Kathleen, hosted on Zoom, (2) access a full study vault of course content to jump into the areas you want help with most, (3) work review – every week you can submit work for Kathleen's review and input (4) private online community [no it's not hosted on Facebook] (5) all replays are posted for you to review in your own time.
All students will be provided access to the private community and study vault four weeks prior to the first class. You can jump right in and get to work. Schedule the LIVE calls in your calendar and get yourself totally organised for world domination!
You get access to all my online courses including the Website Masterclass, Instagram Masterclass, Wedding Enquiry Masterclass as well as my signature Business Masterclass. Quite literally, this program includes everything you need to hit the ground running — from the exact layouts and language to use on your website, to how to sort through all things Instagram, to all my wedding and event enquiry templates.
That depends entirely on you and your schedule. At a minimum, we suggest allocating 4-6 hours per week. Implementation of our exact templates and 'how to' guides can be done at your own speed or you can enlist help from others to speed up the process. Your business. Your rules.
Nope! This program focuses 100% on all things business. No matter where you are on your flowering journey, if you are ambitious and have a dream of owning a successful flower business, this program is for you.
Nope! In fact, I would recommend you don't. This program gives you my exact approach to setting up your website, covers off how to show up on Instagram to attract those dream clients and gives you a full suite of templates and tools to copy. Yes. Literally. COPY.
Workbooks for the course content are downloadable PDFs so you'll have access to those "how to" resources for forever. When you sign up, you also get 6 months free access to my private community, where we host more live trainings and "how to" sessions. New course content focused on specific topics (for example, Mother's Day Masterclass) is also regularly added. After six months, if you want to stay on in the community, it's $99USD per month – you get to make that decision way further down the road but I like to mention it upfront because I know having on-going guidance and support is important.
Not a problem. Contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. For the September 2021 Bootcamp, the payment plan is 3 x $997USD payments. Your first payment is due at registration and then you'll automatically be charged $997USD 30 days and 60 days later.

I live overseas, how does that work?

Most of our students live overseas – including Australia, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom and Canada. Everything is hosted online so it doesn't matter where you're based. If you miss the LIVE class, there will be a replay to catch up in your own time. You can watch the video replay or catch up on the private podcast.