1:1 Business Coaching Program

Build the flower business of your dreams.

Tried ‘all the things’ but feel like you’re making no progress?

You know, intuitively, there must be a better way. Your heart is called to be a floral designer, but sorting through the business side of things is overwhelming.

Why not fast-track your way to success!


Learn all my best tips + tricks in an easy-to-follow personalised approach.

I want you to feel confident in your pricing, attract more of the right kind of customers and know without a shadow of a doubt that you can conquer the business of flowers.

My mission is to share with you all my business know-how so you can build the flower business of your dreams.

What is business coaching?

Simply put: it’s 1-on-1 mentoring to set you on the path to building the flower business of your dreams.

Kathleen lays out the exact roadmap, gives you a step by step process to focus in on the most important aspects of building a highly profitable flower business.

We cover off core business concepts such as branding, attracting your ideal client and pricing and Kathleen shares with you the exact approach she used in building her own flower businesses.

It’s hosted online, which means you can work with Kathleen no matter where you are in the world.

How it works:

This 1:1 program is like nothing else on the market.

While other floral designers are focused in on mechanics and design how-to, this program focuses 100% on business.

The program is broken down into 8 weeks of LIVE 1:1 training sessions. Each session is 60 minutes and hosted online via Zoom so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Every week, we’ll dive deep into one specific topic related to building your flower business. 

  • WEEK 1 – Orientation / Q&A
  • WEEK 2 – Pricing – How To
  • WEEK 3 – Branding 101
  • WEEK 4 – Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • WEEK 5 – Building Your Offer
  • WEEK 6 – Sales Training
  • WEEK 7 – Growing Your Business + Advertising
  • WEEK 8 – Next Steps & Recommendations (Specific to Your Business)

Don’t go it alone.

You also receive 2 months free access to Kathleen’s #ForFlorists community – an invitation-only collection of my current and past students. Jump in with a question, find support or connect with like-minded ambitious flower fairies from around the world.

And you get direct access to Kathleen for any and all questions through the entire 8 week program. Gotta question you want a quick response to? Just ask.

Plus, when you register, you’ll get immediate access to Kathleen’s 100-page how-to handbook – it’s literally the best resource for running a floral design business.

learn floristry


Quickly set yourself apart from the competition.

Ideal Customer

Attract more of the people you want to work with.


Gain confidence in your pricing and make good money on every project.

Get Shit Done

Build a team and plan for world domination.

You can do this.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by everything – to feel lost and ‘not enough’.

Trust me when I say you CAN do this.

And I want to help. I want to fast track your way to success and I want you to know you CAN make good money in this industry.


$750 AUD non-refundable payment due before our first training session. 

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