1:1 Business Coaching

Kathleen’s personalised approach to conquering the business of flowers

Tried ‘all the things’ but feel like you’re making no progress?

You know, intuitively, there must be a better way. Your heart is called to be a floral designer, but sorting through the business side of things is overwhelming.

Why not fast-track your way to success!


Learn all my best tips + tricks in an easy-to-follow personalised approach.

I want you to feel confident in your pricing, attract more of the right kind of customers and know without a shadow of a doubt that you can conquer the business of flowers.

My mission is to share with you all my business know-how so you can build the flower business of your dreams.

How it works:

My 1:1 Coaching is like nothing else on the market.

It is fully adapted to YOUR needs. Whether you focus on events, weddings, funerals, everyday flowers, are a home-based business own a retail space or are somewhere in between, the program is carefully curated to ensure maximum results for you and your business.

Your coaching program runs for 8 weeks with live 1:1 training sessions every week. We use Zoom video conferencing for our training so it’s like Kathleen’s right there with you.

The curriculum is set-up to focus on a suite of core business principles including pricing, identifying your ideal client, sales, hiring a team and branding.

You’ll have Kathleen’s dedicated time during your Zoom meeting PLUS have access to the Little Bird Bloom team throughout the week to answer specific questions and address challenges as they arise.

You will also have access to our private #ForFlorist community. This community is restricted to Kathleen’s students (past and present) and is filled with go-to resources including video trainings, recipes, and infinitely practical tips and tricks to help you conquer the business of flowers.


Quickly set yourself apart from the competition.

Ideal Customer

Attract more of the people you want to work with.


Gain confidence in your pricing and make good money on every project.

Get Shit Done

Build a team and plan for world domination.

I know you can do this.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by everything – to feel lost and ‘not enough’.

Trust me when I say you CAN do this.

And I want to help. I want to fast track your way to success and I want you to know you CAN make good money in this industry.


$750 AUD non-refundable payment due before our first training session. 

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