If I could do it all over again: $10,000 to launch my flower business

We're coming up to our five year business anniversary and I can't help but reflect a little on what's worked and wasn't worth it.

Today, I want to go deep and talk you through what I would do over again to get this business up and running.

First of all, save up $10,000 to spend over the course of 12 months. Yes, it takes money to make money and you need to know you are setting up a legit, for profit business from day 1.

Here's how I would allocate that budget:

  • Website Domain Name Registration & Hosting – $450
  • Dream Workshop / Masterclass – $5000
  • Weekly Flower Practice – $2,000 wholesale product
  • Business Training / Online Courses / Short courses – $1500
  • Marketing – $1000 (Google Adwords, styled shoot, local networking events, and / or a better iPhone / camera)

As always flower friends, don't hesitate at all to let me know if you have any questions and if you're so inclined, send me a DM on Instagram – or take a screen grab of the episode and share it on your stories. Be sure to tag me in it too!




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