Can You Make Money As a Florist?

You love flowers and working with people and now you're thinking if you can make money as a florist.

The short answer is yes.

You can make really good money as a floral designer.

But I also know my experience hasn’t been everyone else’s experience.

Why is that? Great question.

One of the biggest reasons for our success is I didn’t buy into the “starving artist” persona. I knew from Day #1, I was in this to make a living wage, to capitalise on my own expertise, and build a true business.

There wasn't the option of it not working. I was strict on myself and didn't give myself an out. It was clear that I had to figure out the money side of things.

And I did.

It took a while but once we realised how our customers actually buy flowers and what are their pain points, we hit the ground running.

At the end of the day, learning about marketing + sales is just as important as learning about flower care + design.

Making Money As A Florist Is Simple

Most new floral designers think the way to build a business is to compete on price. I used to think the same thing.

I used to believe I needed to price in line with what was offered at the grocery stores. And I’m so grateful I finally figured out that isn’t how to go about it. Yeah, it was a real revelation on our business to understand that we get to charge a premium for what we offer.

We don’t have to be cheap to get customers.

In fact, in most cases, our customers want the experience to be priced at a premium. Flowers are a luxury item. They are reserved for the most special occasions – babies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. And yes, a lot of care and attention goes into what we do, which is what warrants the premium price.

Our work is of tremendous value and yes, flowers can change the world.

At the end of the day, the success of our flower business was built entirely on our ability to learn all about marketing + sales...two topics very rarely discussed in our industry. It wasn’t my design ability that made us the money. It was our understanding of customers and persistence in improving our efforts that proved invaluable.

But don’t fret. Because you don’t need to run out and get your MBA. I’ve already done that. It’s why I’m here – to teach you as much as I can about marketing + sales and making money as a floral designer.

Sales Skills Matter

Conquering sales is an integral part of the job. But I know it can feel incredibly intimidating for most floral designers.

Answering the initial question, ”Can you make money as a floral designer?” could really be answered with another question: “Are you ready to turn into a phenomenal salesperson?”

If the answer is yes, read on.

Three Sales Tips For Florists

  1. Your customers don’t know.

    People don’t know the difference between a carnation and a rose. They don’t know what is appropriate to send for a sympathy arrangement. Don't expect them to know what's worth investing in when it comes to weddings and events. And all of that is OK. You’re here to help them.

  2. Be open with your expertise.

    You already know this industry is filled with so many secrets. Now, imagine how our customers feel... how are they supposed to know anything other than the very very basics. Every one of us has an opportunity to break the hush-hush persona, to provide guidance and expertise, and openly guide our clients to a great solution. For me, I live by the mantra: she who is the most helpful makes the most money. It’s served me very well.

  3. Phenomenal customer service is the backbone of every successful flower business.

    In my experience, it’s the businesses that lead with helpfulness and are dedicated to offering a great experience, that win. This is true in every industry, including floristry.

My Philosophy Around Customers Is Unique

Over the years I’ve really come to fall in love with our customers. And laugh at all the silly questions and crazy assumptions they make.

In fact, I consider every customer that crosses my path to be perfect. Yup, exactly the way they are.

I remind myself every day that they don’t know better. And with so much secrecy in our industry and every other florist keeping all their expertise and guidance secret, how are our customers supposed to behave?

The customers are intimidated, overwhelmed, and confused. Which means you can quickly step in and solve their problem.

Want Help?

I know hiring can feel super overwhelming. But it doesn't need to. I can help.

Check out my Flower Boss Bootcamp. I created this one-of-a-kind program specifically to help floral designers, just like you, master the business of flowers. I’d love to see you there!



P.S. I’ve recorded a podcast about how perfect your customers are. Find it on Spotify (click here) or listen on the player below.

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