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this is a blog Wedding Florists Getting Ghosted

Wedding Florists Getting Ghosted: Why It Happens + What To Do About It

Here's a quick story for all y'all wedding florists getting ghosted... In 2017-2018 I must have broken some sort of record for the number of wedding consultations conducted to clients…
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this is how much money does a florist make

How Much Money Does a Florist Make

My life changed when I heard a seemingly successful florist tell me, "Kathleen, you don't go into floristry to make money." I couldn't believe this famous florist was uttering these…
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florist business plan 2022

Florist Business Plan for 2022

Business planning sounds boring, doesn't it? I totally get it. The idea of creating a florist business plan for 2022 makes you want to run screaming the other direction. Like…
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Marketing Strategy for Florists blog post photo

Marketing Strategy for Florists – The Right Approach to Follow

I used to believe getting more customers for my flower business was all about getting famous. I thought the more popular I was on Instagram, the more customers would come…
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Pinterest Graphics LBB Sep 2021

Preparing for a Busy Season

Have you seen all those statistics flying around on Instagram about how there’s going to be a record number of weddings in 2022? It's time to talk about preparing for…
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Wedding flower quote templates

Wedding Flower Quote Template

Let’s talk wedding flower quote templates, shall we? In the early days of my flower business, I used to spend hours pulling together these uber detailed quotes and mood boards.…
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