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SEO For Florists: The #1 Thing You Need to Know

You’ve heard me say it many times before: your website is the single most important marketing and sales tool in your flower business. And as a consequence, that makes SEO…
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bigger budget clients

Bigger budget clients – 3 website tips

With every day that passes, you’re potentially missing out on having those dream, bigger budget clients reach out to work with you. I used to believe those customers would just…
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sales tips for florists

Sales tips for florists: 3 ways to make more money this year

I still find it amusing when I tell people that providing sales tips for florists is one of my most favourite topics. I’m amused at myself because of how far…
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plan for busy seasons

How florists can plan for busy seasons

One of the things that separates experienced business owners from newbies is the amount of time they spend planning, especially for busy seasons. Yes, there is a lot of “doing”…
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Valentine’s Day Q&A

Valentine’s Day Q&A for Florists

I put out a call last week to my #ForFlorist community asking for all your questions on how to manage Valentine’s Day. I received a TON of great questions and…
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Valentine’s Day myths

4 Valentine’s Day myths florists should avoid

Yes, that crazy time of year in the florist’s calendar is fast approaching — Valentine’s Day. So today I want to debunk four Valentine’s Day myths that many florists believe.…
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