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new podcast for florists - hiring tips for florists

Hiring Tips For Florists (Four Things That You Must Do)

As a florist, hiring new team members can feel totally overwhelming and scary. Employment laws, contracts, navigating the ins and outs of rosters, staffing, taxes, and insurance. Oi. It’s a…
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new podcast for florists – how to recover from burnout

How to Recover From Burnout – For Florists

I don’t need to tell you how hard floral designers work. It looks so pretty from the outside doesn’t it? But the reality is messy. And exhausting. And that’s why…
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new podcast for florists – saving your sanity

3 floral design systems every florist needs

I know, you see “systems” and you wanna hit the snooze button. I get it – floral design systems is NOT a sexy topic. But if you’re a floral designer…
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3 things to know new podcast for floral designers

Event terms and conditions – 3 things 2020 taught me

Being a wedding and event florist will never be the same. And that means the event terms and conditions you agree to with your customers will never be the same…
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new podcast episode for florists – five website mistakes

Florist Website Mistakes – How to avoid the Big 5

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that being online is now more important than ever. However, so many florists I speak to are still making these basic website mistakes.…
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How to run a flower business

How to run a successful flower business

Would it shock you to hear that you can run a hugely successful flower business and not be the best designer in town? I know. I know. In a world…
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