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What are some good time management skills?

What are some good time management skills?

In our industry, time is money. Quite literally. We can see it in the industry-standard approach to pricing (wholesale x 3 + time). So it is a must for every…
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What is a reasonable price for wedding flowers?

What is a Reasonable Price for Wedding Flowers?

I have so much empathy for couples planning a wedding. COVID or no COVID, there’s a lot to think through. With so many other expenses to cover, you’d often find…
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How much profit does a florist make?

How Much Profit Does a Florist Make?

Now, I’m not a financial advisor, tax guru or super fancy accountant so don’t go thinking I’ve got all the answers. I don’t. Definitely, talk to your financial peoples to…
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How do you price a bouquet

How Do You Price A Bouquet?

Do The Math One of the most surprising things about being a floral designer is how much time we spend doing math. But it’s with good reason. Every single stem…
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LBB Blog Images -What is the markup on flowers?

What Is The Markup On Flowers?

What Is The Markup On Flowers? One of the greatest blessings in our industry is that there is a go-to formula for sorting through pricing. So there is always a…
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LBB Blog Images Tile Templates 18 May 2021

How Long Is A Floristry Course?

One of the things that separate successful floral designers from the “I’m not there yet” crowd is that the successful designers know they need to keep investing in their own…
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