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Top 6 Tips for Building Better Relationships with Your Clients

Flower peoples! Loving this week's topic – today I am sharing my top 6 tips for building better client relationships. Why does your relationship with your client matter? Because we…
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Do I set a minimum? 4 things to consider

Flower peoples! So much excitement happening in my little bubble. Registration is now open for our one-day #forflorists workshops – learn more about those here. My new business coaching program…
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business planning part 4 setting goals

Business Plan for Florists – Part 4 – Goal Setting

Flower peoples!! Wrapping up our four-part series on writing your own Business Plan and today I'm going deep into goal setting. Part 4 starts will understanding your own business' strengths…
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Business Plans – Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Flower friends! The fun continues on this week's episode, talkin' 'bout identifying your ideal customer – detailing their demographics, understanding their mindset and focusing on how to attract them. Grab…
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making money as a floral designer

Business Plan Part 2

Flower friends! The fun continues on this week's episode, sharing the ins and outs of creating your own business plan for your floral design business. This week I'm focusing on…
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business plan for florists

Business Plan – Part 1 – Setting the Foundation

Friends! I'm so excited about today's podcast!! #businessgeek Today is Part 1 of a four part series all about business planning. In today's episode I talk you through some of…
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