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5 tips for Reigniting your Creativity

Morning! Peoples – sharing my top five tips for reigniting your creative 'after it's gone to sleep'. Don't forget too, go in and rate and REVIEW THE PODCAST IN iTUNES…
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Buying and Selling a Flower Business

Morning! Peoples – here's a topic that I wish I knew about five years ago... Sharing all I know about the idea of buying an existing floral design business. Now,…
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Adding Online Ordering to Your Website

Peoples! If you've ever considered building your own website for everyday flower deliveries or adding on online ordering to an existing website, this episode is for you! Today, I'm exploring…
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Search Engine Optimisation – What is it and why is it important?

Ok kids – get out your notebooks, grab a coffee and put on your smart pants! Today's episode is getting into the nitty gritty good stuff. Sharing the basics of…
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Identifying Your Ideal Client – Top 3 Tips

Peoples! Covering off one of the four fundamental business concepts in today's podcast episode – we're going deep and talking about identifying your ideal client. Identifying your ideal client, focusing…
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The Four Basics of Flowers + Business

Peoples! Today's episode is inspired by you. Yep! Received an email the other day that I feel 100% encompasses the four basics of flowers + business. In todays' episode I…
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