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how to quote wedding flowers

Real wedding flower quote – detailed review

In this week’s episode of the Thrive Podcast I go into nauseatingly fun detail on a real quote from a real wedding we’ve just completed (yep, just finished it in…
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flower business partners

How to run a flower business with a partner

I actually think I should rename this one – working with humans 🙂 Sloan and I first met at work – back when I was a 24 year-old overachieving advertising…
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flower business toolkit for florists

How to run a flower business. The Business Planning Toolkit

Peoples – this week’s episode includes a free Business Planning Toolkit. Grab it here along with everything else in my Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists. In the land…
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wedding flower pricing formula

Bouquet Pricing – Cheatsheet For Florists

FREEBIE – downloadable PDF. You can get direct access to it HERE. I’ll show you, step by step, how we price our bridal bouquets and give you the line item…
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podcast for floral designers

Meet Kathleen. Hear about her adventures in flower land.

Have you ever taken time to write down your life story? If you haven’t yet, I strongly urge you to do so – you don’t have to share it with…
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blog post little bird bloom motivation flowers and business

What motivates you at work?

When I was 18, I landed my first internship at one of Canada’s top advertising agencies. I spent that summer taking notes in meetings, photocopying, mounting creative for presentations, planning…
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