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Top Tips for Your Website

Peoples – this is a good one!  Although I think that about all my podcast…actually that’s not true. I know some are better than others. But there ya go. Such…
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how to know if floral design is right for you

Should I become a floral designer?

So often, customers come into our shop and think ‘oh I would love to stand around and play with flowers all day.’ Yes, so would I…that sounds like a dream.…
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how to make money as a florist on Valentine's Day

My Favourite Valentine’s Day Tips + Tricks

In the latest episode of the Thrive Podcast, I talk through all we’ve learned about Valentine’s Day. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not my favourite experience, but we have learned…
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example production schedule for a real wedding

Real Wedding Production Schedule

In this episode of Thrive, I talk you through a typical wedding production schedule – from finalising the event day schedule, picking up flowers at the market, and getting into…
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annual review for florists

What worked & what didn’t in 2018

In today’s episode of the Thrive Podcast #forflorists I reflect on all the things that were in 2018, what was good and what wasn’t so spectacular. A few people and…
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starting a flower business podcast

5 things I wish I knew when we started

In this episode of the Thrive Podcast, I talk through FIVE things I wish I knew when we first started this business – scratch that. By FIVE I mean SIX.…
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