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Discounting – A Fast Track to Failure

Friends! Going back to a topic I LOVE talking about. PRICING. Yeah! Did you know one third of small businesses close down within 24 months. Even worst, within 5 years…
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Intentional Practice

Friends! Handing over my Intentional Practice worksheet today. Every Tuesday on Instagram, I teach on a specific topic and work through my Intentional Practice. Why? Part of the process of…
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Continued investment in yourself and your business

Flower fairies! Friends! Sharing my thoughts on continuing to invest in yourself and your business today. To date, I have invested almost $100,000 in learning (including my MBA) and I…
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Episode #42 – Instagram is not real life

Peoples – this has got to be one of my most favourite episodes yet. Talking about the 'Gram. How to use it, how to make sure it's not affecting your…
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5 Biggest Mistakes I’ve made Growing My Flower Business

Flower fairies! Here's the thing, the process of growing a flower business comes with A LOT of ups and downs. Today I'm sharing the Top 5 Mistakes I made in…
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5 Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Wholesaler

Morning! Flower peoples, this is one of my FAVOURITE topics: the ins and outs of building a relationship with your wholesaler. Last time I checked, you needed to have access…
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