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comparison for florists

My Tips to Overcome Comparing Yourself to Everyone Else

Such a brilliant question from one of the listeners sparked the topic for today’s podcast. We’ve all been there, lost in the world of Instagram and wasting hours of time…
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how to price flowers

Top 3 Pricing Mistakes Floral Designers Make

Peoples! In this week’s episode I’m sharing my three biggest pricing mistakes I made in those first few years of this flower business. I’ve received so many questions from you…
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flower care tips + tricks

Flower Care Tips & Tricks

Friends!  Understanding how flowers behave in a vase is an imperative in my mind – but I know just how overwhelming it can feel trying to learn the business +…
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how to create a foliage or floral installation tips and tricks

How to create a floral and foliage installation

In this week’s episode I talk you through all the things in terms of creating ceiling installations – what to think about and consider at your site visit, possibilities for…
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most important skill floral designers must have

Number 1 Skill You Need to be a Successful Floral Designer

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that in order to establish a sustainable and profitable floral design business that the design side of the equation is…
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my favourite templates florists business

The Value of Templates

I know, I know. BORING. I can hear you say it from the other side of the world but peoples, believe me when I tell you developing and incorporating templates…
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