Flower Care Tips & Tricks

Friends!  Understanding how flowers behave in a vase is an imperative in my mind – but I know just how overwhelming it can feel trying to learn the business + mechanics + flowers.

There truly is so much to know in terms of how different flowers behave in different environments. So, I thought I would share with you my top 10 tips for flower care.

On today’s episode, I talk through a few different options in terms of managing the shelf life of flowers, how to coax flowers open and talk a little bit about flower food.

Positioning yourself as an expert is so important when it comes to building a sustainable and profitable floral design business. I think, understanding flower care can get you so far down this path.

Remember though, no one was born knowing all the things. After so many years of running a flower shop though we’ve learned a few tips and tricks. And today I’m sharing those with you.

Don’t forget. You can download a copy of the PDF here as well.

Sending you so much love today!





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