Hello flower peoples!

We’ve kicked off 2019 with a new series on INSTAGRAM – going LIVE for an hour every Thursday morning (9am AEST) / Wednesday afternoon (2pm PST) / Wednesday evening (10pm GMT).

We’ll pick a theme for the LIVE and then can answer any and all questions you may have about floristry.

In this episode we talked through our process in terms of creating mood boards and design guides for our clients.

We touched on:

– the programs we use to actually create our mood boards

– how our process has evolved over time

– the types of images we use in our mood boards

– whether the work needs to be all your own or if it’s OK to borrow from other designers

We also talked about our client intake / management process, setting minimums, whether or not to post your price list on your website and lots of other questions from you guys.

I would love to hear from you guys if you have any questions or topics you want us to focus on for upcoming shows. And if you can join us live that would be AMAZING.

For those looking for the resources we promised, here are the links:

Canva (free design templates)

Keynote (like powerpoint but one million times better). Here’s a few examples of mood boards we’ve created in Keynote:

  1. Monique & James
  2. Yisha & Adam

Pinterest – here are a few examples of recent design guides we’ve supplied to our clients:

  1. Stephanie & Carl
  2. Elise & Mathew

Finally, if you want our template for our mood board in Keynote, CLICK HERE