10 years ago, if you were to ask us what we would have been doing in 2018, we would have told you we’d be VP Marketing of some blue chip multinational or Managing Director at one of the world’s leading advertising agencies. And, probably living in a big city in Canada, digging ourselves out from 10 feet of snow.

Today though, we live in a small town in Australia, own the local flower shop and have built a six-figure wedding flower business from scratch in just four years. We spend our evenings chasing after one of our three fur-babies and our days flowering in one of the most beautiful parts of the world (at least in our opinion it is). We never knew this season of our life would bring us so much joy and the long hours could actually provide us with so much satisfaction. But, it’s safe to say we have officially caught the entrepreneurial bug.  

In hindsight though, it’s probably not a surprise. Even at a young age, Kathleen remembers spending Saturday mornings setting up a market stall at the local farmer’s market and playing with her beloved Fisher Price cash register. Sloan landed his first marketing role working with one of Canada’s leading direct marketing pioneers and has never looked back.  

2018 marks a new challenge for us. We’ve learned so much in the last four years of flowering, let alone decades working with leading marketing and advertising organisations, and we want to share that expertise with you.

Whether you are one of our beloved brides, simply ordering flowers for everyday or daring greatly, contemplating how to take the leap and start your own business – we’re here for you. What we know, you’ll know – we are an open book.

Have a question – big or small – contact us.