Modern Education for the Modern Florist

Business Education for Florists

Our industry is changing.

No longer is having lots of Instagram followers or a formal qualification enough to guarantee success.

Our mission is to make it easier for florists to figure out how to build successful businesses, weaving together modern marketing tactics, easy profitability frameworks and simple design mechanics.

learn floristry online

In Person Workshops

Join Kathleen and her team in two days of flowering + business magic to reset and refine your approach.


Flower Boss Academy

Get access to all the tools, templates and coaching you need to grow your business.

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Online 1:1

Deep dive into specific challenges, level up your leadership and take your business to new heights.

Free Business Masterclass

Get immediate access to this online training, sharing the three secrets to a profitable flower business. If you're on a mission to learn floristry, this training is a great roadmap to follow.

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Step by step tutorials, insider secrets and how-to guides – come learn from Kathleen and level up your flower + business know-how on YouTube. Whether you're looking for help getting found on Instagram, how to set up a money-making website or unexpected design tips, you'll be sure to learn something super helpful!

Learn Floristry + Biz Tips On Our Blog

Get the inside scoop on all things flowers + business and learn floristry like a boss.


We've all fallen in love with the magic of floristry – whether you're formally qualified, self taught or somewhere in between, your gifts are welcome here.


Let's be honest, likes don't pay the bills. It's time to step up your game, stop giving away your work and let's show the world what you're made of!


You were called to work with flowers for a reason. The world needs your work now more than ever and it's finally time to stop playing small peoples!

Recent Client Feedback

Your workshop is just brilliant because it's so down to earth. You say how it is. It's easy to relate to and you're sharing all the secrets. It’s totally amazing and I 100% recommend florists new + old need to sign up now!
Nancy, St. Charles, IL

That confidence that I just gain, it's huge. The confidence I get just from just hearing other stories and listening, it makes me go, "Yeah, I can do it."

Ash, Australia

Kathleen is by your side every step of the way. She walks you through the process and gives you the confidence to take on any new challenge or opportunity. I am so grateful.

Gerilynn, Altanta, GA

I've finally learned there really are no flower police. No is going to come along and tell me I'm doing it wrong! I'm so glad I invested in this work and knowing I have the tools to make it happen is a game-changer.

Sherrill, United Arab Emirates

These systems work! I've added more than $140,000 in revenue to my business (and that's during a global pandemic).

Emily, Australia

I've made so much more progress than I even thought possible. I have confidence in my pricing. I'm clear on my branding and I have so much more understanding of what really matters when it comes to getting customers.

Karen, New Zealand