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Hello! I'm Kathleen

Floral designer + marketing guru + business coach.

What is a flower business coach you may ask? Well, my job is to help designers from around the world master commercial floristry.

I teach them how to build businesses that are both creatively and financially rewarding. And I know how – I built two six-figure flower businesses of my own after a fancy-pants career in marketing.

I want you to experience the same success I had. You can make good money as a floral designer, doing work that you love.

It's not about chasing more Instagram followers, more experience or more certifications.

It's about learning the business of flowers. And I can help.

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Are you struggling in your flower business? Are you're putting in all the hours but not making progress? I can help.

The Flower Boss Bootcamp is my signature business coaching program created specifically for floral designers, farmer florists and flower lovers.

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About Kathleen

Flower Business Coach

Originally from Canada, I moved to Australia in 2008. At the time, I was a fancy pants corporate marketing exec working with the likes of Expedia, Luxottica and Domino's Pizza.

Through a series of kinda random life choices, I found myself buying the local flower shop in a small town south of Sydney.

I transformed that daggy, mum and pop shop into a beautiful, modern floral experience.

In addition, I launched a boutique wedding and events business. And very quickly I turned it into the area's leading floral design team, working at some of Australia's top wedding venues.

So, two six-figure businesses built in one of the most competitive areas on the planet.

If I can do it. You can do it too.

Today, I share everything I know about marketing, mindset and money as a flower business coach.