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The Rise of the Flower Boss

Discovering the world of floristry at 34 was a revelation.

Enrolling in my first course ignited a passion I never knew I had. I dove headfirst into formal qualifications, eventually taking the leap to launch my own business.

All the while, I endured a 9-5 job that drained me. Desperate for an escape, I pursued my newfound love for floral design with unwavering determination.

I dreamt of turning my passion into a livelihood, and I was willing to do whatever it took.

I poured my heart into my business, seizing every opportunity that came my way. From styled shoots to giving away my work for exposure, I hustled relentlessly.

But amidst the hustle, one question persisted: how do you actually make money in this industry?

Two years in, my bank balance remained stagnant. Faced with the looming possibility of returning to corporate life, I refused to give up.

Investing thousands in courses and workshops, I pieced together the puzzle on my own.

Now, I'm on a mission to demystify our industry, empowering floral designers to build their dream businesses and thrive financially.

💖 Kathleen


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